Don't really understand why this movie is so well liked and has such a good reputation. Guess it's because the movie is different and it really isn't just an average horror genre attempt. But different doesn't always necessarily mean good as well.

The movie starts off well and promising enough, when it's being still a more traditional type of modern horror movie. But then movie than soon decides to build more on its mystery and comical aspects, rather than its horror. This is when the movie suddenly becomes a just too silly and odd one.

Normally I see it as a good and positive thing when a movie doesn't take itself too serious but in this case it probably should had done so. And nothing wrong with some relieving humor in horror movies at times but this movie really overdid it. All of its comedy was obviously intentional but it took away a lot from what the movie had build up in its first half hour or so.

Because of this I was also never taken by any of the movie its horror aspects. There is no real sense of danger when everything is being taken as a joke and the main characters take all of the killings seemingly very lightly. Because the movie was a cheap one to make it also decided on being a very, very dark one to watch, in order to save money on its gore and other effects. I couldn't even really tell what was happening at times but I don't feel like I missed out too much.

In the long run, this movie really doesn't make that much sense with its story, which becomes mostly apparent at the movie its ending. It just seems to be so that the movie wanted to have a surprise ending in it and didn't seemed to be concerned about it not really connecting with the rest of the movie. Some real lazy and cheap writing in my opinion. The entire movie is basically like this once you start thinking back about it.

Still can't really say that this is a bad movie, it at least tries to be different and original but I just can't exactly call this movie a great or successful one, at what it tries to achieve, either.


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