Can't really call this movie an impressive or spectacular one in any way but it sure remains a good and enough movie, if you know what to expect from it.

It's not a movie that is being mostly about its thriller or science-fiction aspects but more one that leans more toward its romance. You could be fooled perhaps and expect a totally different movie from watching the trailer and other advertisements by the movie but really, this is what the movie mostly evolves around. You could even say that the movie is being more concerned about coming across realistic, rather than simply trying to be tense or mysterious. And yes, that is sort of the downfall and disappointing aspect about this movie.

Of course nothing wrong with movie taking a romantic approach but in this case that approach probably wasn't the best or most interesting and effective one to pick. So here we have a concept of a so called 'adjustment bureau', who are there to ensure that everything keeps going according to the 'big plan', by controlling and if needed, interfering with people's faiths. There are plenty of directions you could take with such a subject but all this movie its main premise is Matt Damon and Emily Blunt falling in love with each other, while this was never supposed to happen according the adjustment bureau's book (and literally, they have a book with the people's planned out future in it) and they do everything (well, not really but that's a whole other problem I'll soon get to) to set things right and try to prevent them from ever seeing each other again. Sounds romantic, that despite all things the two of them wanting to be together but it just doesn't make the movie always a very interesting or exciting watch.

I'll admit, I still was really into the movie at first but the whole premise starts to get a bit tiresome after a while, especially since there really isn't that much happening in this movie action-wise, or any other stuff that tries to prevent from these two failing in love with each other. It's because of the concept of the movie, that is heavily flawed. Really, the adjustment bureau has so much control and power over humanity and all of their their actions and can alter- and do so many 'magical' things but yet they have a hard time keeping an eye on two individuals and besides don't do an awful lot to try to set things straight. I mean, they apparently can even alter thoughts and completely reset human brains, why not do any of that with the Damon character? It's not like Damon was a powerful character that could take on a bunch of guys and he also wasn't armed at any time throughout this movie. There is never really any sense of danger in this movie because of that. It's just a sort of soft and light type of science-fiction thriller, that is lacking much excitement and other aspects among those lines, to make this movie an interesting and compelling watch throughout, while all of the potential was really there up for the grabs.

So the movie instead mostly builds on the romance between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt and while they have good chemistry together, that just isn't enough. It just doesn't feel like these are two people who are madly in love with and are made for each other, even though the movie tries to imply that. Their chemistry together is more like a very strong flirtasious one, like they are two people who could have a very hot romance for a couple of weeks but then soon start to realize they have far too little in common for a serious relationship to work out between them two. It also doesn't make it very convincing that the Matt Damon character is trying to be with Emily Blunt, no matter how much stuff gets thrown his way and gets made apparent that they just aren't meant to be together. You just want to say to him; move on after all those years and forget about her! It's too much trouble for one girl and a man in his position could had found new love within an instant. But of course that isn't the romanticized message that the movie wants to send out. And this very same approach at the same time also still ensures that this remains a cute and harmless movie.

Still a good and original enough movie with its genre, that just isn't the most exciting or interesting movie around to watch.


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