This sounds like a very unlikely movie, even- or perhaps even more so for an animated one. Its main character can't speak and for part of the movie he is the only one on screen, rolling the Earth, which has been abandoned and turned into one big garbage wasteland.

It makes "WALL·E" an original movie and a bit of a gamble from Disney and the Pixar studios as well. It's a movie that so easily could not had worked out or would had been one that totally got ignored by the younger audiences, due to its main premise. But in both ways the movie worked out, beyond expectations. Not only did "WALL·E" became a critically acclaimed movie and also won an Oscar, it also became an huge box office hit worldwide and one of the most talked about and popular movies of the year.

It's simply a very cute movie to watch, with a cute simple story and some very likable characters, that are given some distinctive personalities through their fine animation. It makes this an absolutely captivating movie! You just can't keep your eyes of the screen and also really don't want it to end.

But the movie also has more story in it than you might think. It never really got advertised that way but the movie also does feature an adventurous and even a romantic plot-line in it, consistent with the style of Disney.

I love how they integrated old Earth stuff with a post-apocalyptic future, as well as the clash of WALL-E with even more advanced modern and futuristic stuff. All of these elements are where mostly the movie its comedy comes from.

I think it's also really a nice touch that they let science-fiction sound legend Ben Burtt voice the WALL·E character. Not that is was a very demanding role or anything and his voice got also heavily altered and distorted but a nice gesture nevertheless. Also a nice touch that Sigourney Weaver voices the ship's computer, someone she herself often had to deal with in the 'Alien' movies. Other than that, there aren't any big name actors involved with this movie. And there is no reason why there should. Really the foremost and at times only reason why some big name actors get signed on for a big animated movie is to be able to put his/her name on the posters and advertise with it. "WALL·E" simply doesn't need this.

Visually it really is an amazing movie. We have come a long way since the introduction of computer animated movies. Pixar keeps pushing to envelop with basically each of their movies but "WALL·E" still remains one of their visual most impressive once, perhaps because of the reason that it's being a science-fiction movie.

Simply a perfectly fun, clean, entertaining movie to watch, for all ages really.


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