Thing with lots of modern comedies now days is that they are often lacking its most fundamental ingredient; good comedy. This movie just doesn't ever get funny to watch and you'll most likely only chuckle a couple of times, at its very most.

And I actually did absolutely love the first movie and still give the second one the benefit of the doubt as well. This movie however feels totally different, like it's taking placing in a totally different universe the first two were taking place in. The build up and comical timing within this movie is totally lacking and even simply missing in most parts, which is the foremost reason why this movie doesn't ever work out too well as a comedy.

Yes, you can definitely tell this movie is being directed by a different director this time. Jay Roach was the guy that did the first two, while this movie is being directed by Paul Weitz. A guy that mostly had only hits early in his career.

The entire movie is also set up differently this time. In a way the first two movies were a throwback to the days of the screwball comedy, in which a certain problem got bigger and bigger and the entire movie got mostly set at the same location. In this movie there is no real issue that needs to get resolved. The movie sets up a couple of potential plot lines at the start but then decides to do nothing with it anymore after a while.

It also isn't really a movie about the 'little Fockers'. It's just something to continue the series but they add absolutely nothing to this particular movie and mostly remain in the background throughout the entire movie. They might just as well had not been part of the movie at all.

It almost seems as well that the actors all realized this wasn't a good story to work with and the movie was just not working and were just phoning it all in this time. The characters don't even seem to be the same anymore. It also makes me think that this is probably going to be the last movie out of the series, unless they are going to be bring back Jay Roach again and an actual good script to work with.

I am however not very anxious to see a fourth movie. Especially not after finish watching this one.

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