Now that I have finally decided on it that the 'Fantom Kiler' movies are really supposed to be porn, I still can't appreciate them for what they are.

Here is the third movie out of the series and not an awful lot has changed since the first entry. As a matter of fact, nothing has changed at all. The set up and 'story' are still all the same and even the dreadful music hasn't changed. No, they really didn't tried hard to come up with something new and original and it's just being a rehash of the first two movies.

I really don't see what is the appeal of these movies. So there are supposedly supposed to be soft-core porn productions but all that this movie features are a bunch of (not even very attractive) girls slowly stripping, who afterward get murdered. Nothing else happens, sex-wise. So naked girls and killings, is there actually a video/DVD market for that? Appearantly so, since they even made a fourth movie after this one.

It's really annoying how this movie in its style and set up is being completely the same like the other first two. Even the same sets get used over and over again, as if director Roman Nowicki has a basement in which he shoots all of his movies, ever since he started out. Looking at this movie, that really isn't implausible.

What makes this movie even worse than its predecessors is that for the first time they also attempted to add some special effects to the movie. Someone should had tapped them on the shoulder and said; just don't! It's some absolutely awful, amateurish looking stuff.

Such a slow and uninteresting movie to watch, in which nothing good or exciting ever happens. I just can't see how anyone could ever get something out of this movie.


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