Normally I'm quite fond of sports films. I actually have a real soft spot for them, so I tend to forgive them for any weaknesses and inconsistencies, more so than any other type of movie. "Friday Night Lights" however just didn't do anything for me at all.

Perhaps I missed something but what exactly was supposed to make this movie its story such an interesting one? Seriously, I just didn't see anything special about any of the characters or anything that made this story an unique one, from a sports perspective. Stories like this happen every year, in every branch of sport, on every level, everywhere in the world.

So sports-wise this movie isn't a very interesting one to watch but also its characters and the rest of the story, revolving around them, just isn't that very interesting or original. I never got the feeling I got to know any of the characters, since they were really lacking some good depth, no matter how good the actors all are. It also made me not really care for any of them, or what was going to happen next in the story. But it's a sports movie, so the story is of course sort of predictable anyway to begin with.

I still think director Peter Berg did a good job with the material he had at hands. I liked the whole visual approach and style of film-making for this movie. It had a fast pace, with lots of quick cuts and hand-held camera-work. The whole style still kept me watching and also made this movie a still mostly watchable one, though it just isn't anything special at all.

It's a typical American movie, so perhaps this movie is better to watch if you're actually an American and especially when you're into American football as well of course. I just didn't do anything for me at all, though I can actually enjoy and appreciate American football on television. I just rather watch a real match than this movie, ever again.


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