What a real special and unique watch this movie is. At first you really don't know what to make and think about this movie, since absolutely nothing is happening in it. But yet it keeps on intriguing, through its special way of film-making and storytelling.

Really the great thing about this movie is that it doesn't let the story tell its story but it instead leaves things up mostly to the viewers mind. It's your own interpretation of things and your imagination that make this movie a mysterious and tense one. The movie is filled with lots of irrelevant moments, characters that don't do- or add anything and a very slow progress, but yet the movie never bores or becomes an ineffective one because the movie constantly provokes you with its surroundings and events. You're constantly paying attention, searching for perhaps a deeper meaning behind a certain event or character and the movie keeps you constantly expecting something to develop into something big or important. So you really don't want to miss a second of it! A real unique but also quite daring approach for a movie to take and I absolutely applaud it for that, especially when you see how it all works out.

I perhaps make it sound like this is a very difficult and artsy movie to watch but this really isn't the case though. Everybody should be capable off experiencing this movie just as good and effectively as anybody else and you shouldn't worry about this movie perhaps being too hard to get through.

The whole build up and approach of this movie reminds me most of an Italian giallo movie, if I have to compare it to anything else. No big surprise, since as it turned out the director of this movie was an Italian himself. This is one of the rare movies director Michelangelo Antonioni did entirely outside of his native Italy and it definitely got me interested in checking out his other work as well. Hopefully it's just as provoking and unique to watch as this movie was.

Another great and unique thing about this movie is that it isn't even featuring a really likable main character. David Hemmings plays a real arrogant and selfish young successful photographer. It doesn't make his story less interesting to follow though, which is also perhaps thanks to the realistic approach of the character and acting performance by David Hemmings. He was still a quite young actor at the time but he still manages to carry the entire movie almost entirely on his own. It was also fun to see a still very young Vanessa Redgrave in this.

A great watch, if you want to experience a thriller/mystery in a totally different and original way!


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