Even though at the time of the release of the first two movies I was part of the targeted audience group, I never have been impressed with any of the 'The Fast and the Furious' movies and that while I actually do enjoy cars and racing.

Again, they attempted to make things a bit different again, by setting the movie in a different country and by starring new different actors in the leading roles. But really, it's just the same stuff all over again. They pretend as if the movie is all about drifting but in the end it's still a movie about street racing. A bunch of tough talking macho men hanging around with their pimped cars, not realizing what complete losers they actually are. They act as if racing and cool looking cars is all that matters in life and are even willing to put their lives at risk for it. What's even more disturbing is that in these movies always the lives of dozens of innocent bystanders also get threatened but the movie makes it seem like that's a cool thing.

The whole scene like it gets portrayed in these movies is so totally ridicules and unrealistic. Why are all these nice looking girls hanging around with these guys every night in their party outfits? How do these hipsters who look like they never worked a day in their lives got all that money from for all those expensive looking cars? And why do they think that racing a car is the answer to every problem in life? Sorry, I just can't take the whole vibe of the scene and its atmosphere that the movie sends out.

But no, that really isn't the biggest problem of these movies. I mean they still could really work out as hip and fun entertaining movies but yet so far the first three movies completely failed at this. It's not hard to see why; the stories are so disturbingly lacking.

I think this movie even had the worst story out of three movies so far. Why even let the story take place in Tokyo in the first place? Seriously, this movie could had just as easily been set at any random American city. Just a marketing trick to make it seem as if this movie is being renewing and different from the other ones. But there also really isn't much good happening in the movie. Once you start analyzing it you see that all it is is some racing, than some hot girls again (I can't believe the amount of ass-shots in this movie. You should make a drinking game out of it) and then some more racing. This goes on and on, till the movie its end. I seriously wish there was some more substance to it and there actually was plenty of room and opportunity for that, with some of the movie its characters (the dad, the girlfriend, perhaps even with the Sonny Chiba character).

The characters in this movie also form one major problem. There just isn't really likable enough and the movie is really lacking some star power behind it. Yes, believe it or not but this movie really could had uses some Vin Diesel or Paul Walker in it, as one of the main leads. I would had even gone for Tyrese but that's just because I wasn't that happy with Lucas Black, who talks like Jodie Foster and all he does is looking tough, without any acting behind it.

The race sequence, what these movies are all about in the first place, just also didn't impressed me all that much. I often had a hard time figuring out what was going on because of the way it got shot and edited. I also kept on forgetting why they were racing in the first place, which was all because of its lacking and very uninteresting and unrealistic story.

Really the worst out of the series so far. At least I think, cause I don't remember that much about the weak previous two.


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