This movie is quite popular in certain circles but I guess I'm just not the biggest fan of John Ford's his straight-forward drama's.

Even though this movie is a comedy it still is a movie that is driven by its drama, characters and emotions. But problem is, I just wasn't very taken by any of its drama, characters or emotions. The entire movie and the way it plays out with its story, dialog and characters, feels very stagy. No wonder, since it also actually got based on a popular stage play by Jack Kirkland. But in my opinion a stage-play rarely translates well on to the silver-screen.

I can't really say that this is an horrible movie to watch, since it also made me laugh a couple of times and it does has its moments but overall the movie feels far too distant and stagy and besides starts to annoy after a while.

The movie features a family of hillbillies, who are all extreme stereotypes and do some beyond stupid and crazy things, that will just never happen in real life. It's also reason why the movie feels really distant and so do all of the characters and their emotions.

I could take Charley Grapewin's hillbilly performance for half an hour or so but after that I soon became tired of it. I have seen him before in several movies and it seems that he made his career out of playing this sort of clueless hillbilly characters. His performance and especially accent always sort of annoyed me but not bad enough to make me hate him, since he was also always playing more supporting type of roles, rather than the main character. In this movie however he is the main character, so no big surprise that I got annoyed by him pretty fast.

A John Ford you can really easily do without.


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