This movie is not at all what I expected. This really isn't an horror movie but one that is a real costume drama, with some supernatural elements in it. So you could say that it's a positive thing that this movie surprises and tries to do something original but unfortunately the end result is a very mixed bag.

I can still say that I was really a fan of the movie its look and style. It's really a beautiful looking movie, that at times picks a more surreal look, which enhances the movie its atmosphere. Most of its money and efforts really went into its visuals but I had only wished they had tried to spice up the story a bit more, instead.

The movie really didn't had a very engaging story in it and it seemed to be all over the place at times. It besides just isn't a very exciting story, since you're constantly waiting for something good or interesting to happen. Sometimes there does but overall it's far too little to make this movie stand out.

Perhaps director Hideo Nakata was simply trying too hard, by putting in far too many different movie elements and genres together. He needs a good movie again desperately, since his last few movies haven't been received too well, though I'm sure he still has plenty of credit left with movies such as the original "Ringu" and "Honogurai mizu no soko kara" under his belt.


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