You could say that this movie is being more of a low-key and black & white version of the Michael Caine movie "Alfie". It handles basically all of the same themes and even the main character is comparable (actress Shirley Anne Field is also in both movies by the way). But by saying this I'm not claiming "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning" is a bad or unoriginal movie. On the contrary really!

It's a special little movie, that is being simplistic and minimal in every way. Perhaps somewhat inspired by the more European movies from France and Italy, that are being like a random slice of life and follow one main character who goes by his life on his very own way but not without paying the price for it. Yes, it's a drama but it is being one that is very realistic with its approach, events, characters and emotions.

I think it helped this movie that it had a fresh director at the helm. Czechoslovakian born Karel Reisz had shot some documentaries in the past but this movie was his first ever attempt at directing a motion picture. It shows but in a very refreshing way. He approaches some crucial sequences brilliantly, which also provides the movie with some powerful, effective but also beautiful looking moments.

I'll admit that I only knew and had seen actor Albert Finney as an old man and in his newer movies. Even though I have always liked him a lot, I never seen any early movies with him, till this one. It's great to see him as a young 24 year old in this movie, playing a typical rebellious, post-WW II, British young bloke, who is working hard and enjoying his free time with chasing down women. It's funny how not much later after this movie he started playing old men already, that's why you probably will also have some difficulties recognizing him in this movie. You will probably recognize his voice before you'll recognize his face.

This are the type of movies I often like watching and this movie is one fine genre example!


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