Like every movie genre, science-fiction movies always keep on evolving and reinventing itself. This movie is typical for the new modern science-fiction movie; a movie that makes you think but at the same time also presents you with stunning visuals and spectacular action. A trend first started by the first "The Matrix" movie, over a decade ago.

It's amazing how Christopher Nolan keeps growing as a director. To be fair, I have never been too impressed with him when it came down to action but with two Batman movies behind his belt he has obviously learned and action-wise "Inception" definitely is his best and most impressive movie till date.

But above all things "Inception" still remains a story driven movie. It's a clever movie that constantly forces you to keep paying attention and reading into things, in order to keep track of it all. Yes, this can get a bit too much at times and the movie also stills leaves up a lot to your own interpretation. Nothing wrong with that but I still would had preferred if the movie explained some things more clearly. Not that the story has any lazy writing in it though, the movie has plenty of twists and unexpected moments in it to keep you interested and on the edge of your seat.

What also makes this movie better and more classy than the average genre attempt is its acting. The movie is truly loaded with big names, even for the much smaller roles within the movie. No doubt Nolan's reputation had everything to do with all of these big names attaching themselves on to this movie. I must say that this movie also probably features one of Leonardo DiCaprio's best acting jobs till date. I never really saw him as a big action hero star but with this movie he actually proofs that he can really pull it off and carry an heavy handed science-fiction/action spectacle with his acting skills. It's actually pretty pointless for some of the other big name actors (I'm talking about Michael Caine and Pete Postlethwaite for instance) in this movie to appear in some much smaller roles but this is just something Christopher Nolan seems to like to do, with all of his latest movies.

But it of course also really still is a science-fiction movie, meaning that it's filled with lots of spectacular looking special effects. The movie uses them in a very original and creative way, while serving its story. The movie impresses with its visuals but it above all things also serves a purpose within the movie, so it doesn't ever gets pushed into your face. No wonder the movie basically won all technical awards at the Academy Awards ceremony.

Thing that also really matches its visuals is the musical score by Hans Zimmer. To me it's the score of the (last) year and up to par with Zimmer's his best scores.

I won't think this movie will top any of my top lists but it nevertheless remains one superior made science-fiction spectacle, that lets its 2 and an half hours fly by.


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