(Review originally written at 1 May 2010)

Well, if you are into the genre there basically is no reason why you shouldn't watch this movie. It's definitely better than the average low-budget zombie-flick.

But this obviously is not a movie without it flaws. I can tell what this movie tried to achieve and how but I can't exactly say that they succeeded with it. They tried to make this a comedy, more than a straight-forward gory shocker, which is in my opinion also the right direction to head in when you have such a small budget to spend. No way people are going to take your movie serious when you are trying to create a creepy, realistic and shocking horror movie with zombies in it when you only have a couple of thousands of dollars to spend. This movie seems to realize that and it doesn't take itself too seriously. It makes the movie entertaining but I wish I could also say that it works out for the best of the movie. Problem is that the writing just isn't very clever or funny.

The movie of course has a very simply concept and a standard main premise of a small town being overrun by a sudden zombie plague. They tried spicing things up by adding in some quirky characters, that are however doing such unlikely things in the movie that they rather work out as stupid than funny really. Their responses to all of the situations don't even work out in a comical way, though you can tell that they were really supposed to. One persons mother gets turned into a zombie, another person sees her boyfriend being teared up and eaten alive, another one looses both parents but they all seem to be cool with that and don't seem to be too worried about the whole situation. And this is not spoiling much really, since none of it seems relevant for the movie its story or any of its characters at all.

What the movie also tried to add in was some social satire. The Iraq war and gays are the two elements that the writers decided to write a social commentary around. But again, the writing just isn't very clever or witty so it all falls kind of flat and just doesn't seem to add enough. It certainly doesn't make the movie any more believable to watch and rather makes it more silly, in a bad way, instead.

But oh well, if you are into this genre there really certainly are far more worse movies to watch. At least this movie was still good looking with its visual style and didn't seem all that cheap, though no doubt that this was a cheap movie to make. It has some good gore, that is mostly being used for its comical effect though. It therefore shouldn't shock anyone too much, most definitely not the most hardened genre fans. For this sort of movie it also definitely featured some good acting, which is all the more an accomplishment due to its simplistic script and dialog and the fact that basically all actors in this movie had never appeared in anything else before.

It's not a great or even funny movie to watch but nevertheless the movie remains entertaining throughout.


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