(Review originally written at 3 May 2010)

This is one great original movie. It's not really a giallo or a typical Lucio Fulci horror gore-fest. It above all things is a thriller that mixes different kind of thriller and horror sub-genres together perfectly, which makes the story and its approach work out as highly original.

It's foremost the way that the story is being handled and told that makes this a great watch. The movie features an highly effective story, that is absorbing due to the way how shocking it is. It's about children that get murdered in a small Italian town. It was a quite controversial movie back at its days, due to its subject and often graphic killings, a sniff of pedophilia but foremost still due to the reason of who eventually turns out to be the killer.

What I really like about the movie and the approach that it's taken with its story is that throughout the movie several potential suspects get presented and made out to look as the 'perfect' and most obvious perpetrator. For some reason it solidly holds the movie its tension and overall mystery very well. Its a movie with a great atmosphere, suitable for this sort of movie.

It's a classy and great looking movie from Lucio Fulci, that still as well features some of the expected more experimental done shots and controversial moments, you can basically always expect from a Fulci movie. Lots of the effects used in this movie look outdated now days but it still really suits the genre and just this movie in general. It's a movie that can get bloody and violent but it's not a movie that tries to shock with its violence. It tries to shock more with its realism and straight-forward approach of all the situations. Its what makes this more of a thriller than anything else really.

It's a movie that really knows to hold your attention with its story and overall original and effective approach of it all.


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