(Review originally written at 14 January 2011)

Japanese horror movies are often being praised for their originality. And compared to Hollywood genre-pieces they are original but to be perfectly honest, all Japanese modern horrors are more or less being the same, so I wouldn't call them original at all. Only thing that can make distinct themselves is having one effective and original main premise and this movie luckily has that. This movie is a good example of what the genre is all capable off.

In its style and build up this is really being a typical Japanese genre example. It's all about its creepy atmosphere and often slow build up. And this movie does have some more slow moments than other genre examples but I really didn't mind that, in this particular case. It seems like the right approach for this movie and its story, that is being a bit more 'clever' than just having a couple of ghost appearing every now and then. This movie is still being more of a supernatural orientated one than anything else, though it definitely is not without is typical horror moments as well.

The story is quite engaging and well written. It makes the movie an effective one to watch, also really with its horror themed moments. The main premise of the movie is really great and they handled it quite well throughout in this movie. Yes, it does combine several themes and elements from other genre movies but it simply does this well and at an original way on its own.

Because the movie is being somewhat slow at certain parts, it becomes all the more effective when things are really happening in it. Such as the last part of the movie, that is simply just being great and quite hectic.

Overall this movie is being a really good watch. Nothing too special or impressive in the end but it simply is one that really satisfies and is being a quite original one to watch as well.


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