(Review originally written at 15 January 2011)

During the '70's, some absolutely dreadful horror got made in England. However, some of them are being so odd and obscure that they actually start to become entertaining to watch and often become fan favorite, cult-classic, type of movies, such as this one.

"Psychomania" really isn't much good as a movie but it simply is extremely entertaining and awesome. When a movie is like that, everything else doesn't really seem to matter that much anymore.

As a movie "Psychomania" is being a bit of a pointless and redundant one. It doesn't really feature a story in which a problem needs to be resolved or anything like that and it's being very simplistic with its story and story-telling. Things simply happen in this movie and its best to be enjoyed when not thinking too much into things because the movie and its story really don't make any sense.

And there really is a lot to enjoy in this movie. Its premise is ridicules but awesome at the same time and it really does work out entertaining. The movie has lots of good and enjoyable moments, as well as some quite impressive motorcycles stunts and chases, that looked insanely dangerous to achieve. So no matter how simplistic and ridicules this movie gets at times, it remains a very enjoyable one to watch throughout.

Lots of once famous elderly actors ended up in movies like this, by the end of the career. And so did George Sanders. The man who was once a much wanted actor, in mostly the '40's and '50's and appeared in movies such as Alfred Hitchcock's "Rebecca", "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", "All About Eve", "A Shot in the Dark" and "The Picture of Dorian Gray". It's sad to see that he had to end his career with 'crappy' low budget productions such as this one but still I really though that he was great in this movie and simply played an awesome role. Still I don't think that this is the movie he wanted to be remembered by. It actually was the last movie he ever appeared in, before his suicide. He didn't liked- or was afraid to get old and I'm sure that getting roles in movies such as this one must have also in a way contributed to his decision to end his life prematurely.

Insanely entertaining silly genre movie!


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