(Review originally written at 8 April 2010)

This movie was never as great and awesome as people had hoped it to be but simple fact is that this is some quality entertainment nevertheless.

This is the first spin-off movie from the popular X-Men movie series, with Wolverine in the lead. It at the same time is also a prequel to all of the X-men movies. Wolverine has always been one of the most popular and rich characters, not only in the movie but also with the comic book fans and those who watched one of the many cartoons based on the X-Men on TV. So it's no big surprise really that Wolverine was the first of the X-Men to get a movie of his own.

It's also the movie role that Hugh Jackman seems to be born for. It's the perfect part for him and was also the character that launched him to stardom with the first X-Men movie of 2000. No wonder that he was eager to jump on to this project and even became a producer himself for it.

Expectations were always quite high for this movie but those expectations got never really met for anyone. It was an highly anticipated movie because it featured the popular character of Wolverine and promised to feature plenty of action in it.

The movie never really becomes as great as you would had hoped. Reason for this is that the story feels quite rushed and messy. The story really seems like an excuse to let Wolverine battle as many different mutants as possible, without letting those moments ever make sense for the story. It's pretty pointless all how this movie its story is often progressing and doesn't really seem to go anywhere in terms of telling something new. I mean, this is an origins story but we pretty much knew already how Wolverine came to be Wolverine in "X2".

So all of the actions seems pretty random and pointless for the story, it still keeps the movie going and is what makes it still interesting and entertaining to watch. It's a big budget movie and that shows with its action moments. There are plenty of effects here that most of the time are pretty good looking.

By no means a great movie but there is basically no way that you'll not enjoy watching it.


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