(Review originally written at 8 April 2010)

This is one of those movies that is only a sequel by name really. It's a sequel to the 2000 movie "Dracula 2000" but it basically has very little till nothing to do with this movie, that features new and different characters and a different story it follows.

Nothing about this movie is too impressive or spectacular and you can perhaps even call this movie a bit of a lackluster but it's simply good enough for what it is. It didn't had a too high budget and got probably shot on a tight schedule but the end result is certainly a watchable and good enough movie.

The story is far from convincing or greatly written but at least it's being somewhat original. At least this movie is not being a typical vampire flick with all of the usual clich├ęs and lack of original ideas and creativity of its own.

The movie features some of the typical B-movie flick actors. Jason Scott Lee is the vampire killer and Roy Scheider also makes a small appearance. Obviously the acting is not the movie its strongest point. As a matter of fact, the movie doesn't really have any strong points at all but it simply serves its purpose well enough, making this a good watch throughout.


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