(Review originally written at 23 August 2008)

The movie was pretty disappointing. I never expected great things from it but it always looked to me like a fun and entertaining movie and most reviews also indicated this. The movie unfortunately comical wise has more misses than hits in it.

Yes, its still a movie that has its moments and provides some entertainment. It's a movie that will make you laugh, almost guaranteed a couple of times but unfortunately most of the jokes are extremely lame and just totally predictable as well. The movie is just being too formulaic at times, despite having a good original and promising premise.

It's a movie with lots of characters and big actors in it but it are the cameos and the performances from the non-comical actors are the most fun ones. Actors such as Ray Liotta, John C. McGinley, Peter Fonda and principal actors William H. Macy and John Travolta. Martin Lawrence never is really funny as a main lead but when he plays a secondary character or the main lead next to another big actor (like in "Bad Boys" with Will Smith) he is simply good and also funny. Same in this movie goes for Tim Allen. I'm not a too big fan of him but I could certainly stand him in this movie.

I wished the movie had some more story though. It could had been a movie filled with life lessons but it's a pretty empty movie with its themes. There are some real missed opportunities here. The movie its story is just basically one big road-trip, with new adventures and characters around every corner but it's just not as fun as it sounds though. It's too simplistic and rather pointless. The movie even sends out wrong messages at times, that makes you think why did they ever put it in there.

Just not the good, fun, movie that I expected.


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