(Review originally written at 14 December 2009)

This little movie has over the years grown into a real small classic. This is all due to the movie its simplicity and it being a small one. It makes it easy to like this movie and pleasant to watch, from basically start till finish.

This is an early 'modern' comedy, without any slapstick moments or screwball story lines or characters. This movie is more like a comedy that still gets made this present time. It requires some fine acting and comedy timing from the director and editor, which is all being good in this movie.

It has a rather simplistic concept, that got based on a true story. Just imaging an island full of Scottish, craving for the next shipload of whiskey, in the midst of WW II. When there is a stranded ship near the coast with 50,000 cases of whiskey aboard they see their big chance. However an uptight home guard stands in their way and they islanders must do their very best to keep the bottles and cases hidden on the small island.

It's basically a fun little movie to watch and to kill some time with (it's quite short anyway) but quite honest I wouldn't call it a classic or anything.


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