(Review originally written at 15 December 2009)

This movie is probably unlike any other western you'll ever see. It has cowboys and it is set in the right time period, that is probably about the only thing that this movie has in common with any other fellow western movie.

The movie is in its core being a pretty simple one. The movie is with its 75 minutes of running time quite short and the movie is mostly set at one location. It's basically about a lynching party, when a farmer has been shot through the head and his fellow diverse bunch of townsfolk ride out to find those responsible and bring them to justice their way. Once the suspects are found, doubts rise whether or not they are truly responsible for the shooting and stealing of this man's cattle. Some members of the group want to see them hanged, the sooner the better, while others try to persuade them of their possible innocence.

Basically the movie is a great character movie, with also some nice written in it. It's a real tight story, that is about the nature of man and also has a moral story in it of course. The drama and themes of the movie all work out effectively. It really helps that the movie has such dynamic characters in it as well and some actors that are well cast within their roles. It was especially nice to see Anthony Quinn in an early role, when he was still being in his 20's.

Don't watch this movie expecting a typical Henry Fonda western with shooting and all of the other typical genre clich├ęs. It's a much deeper movie with a meaning and moral to it.


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