(Review originally written at 16 April 2007)

Director Val Guest got his fame for directing horror/science-fiction movies in the '50's. His movies never have really been the greatest but they were decent enough genre pieces, that are also quite well known, all over the world. With comedies he just never received much fame or praise and for a good reason, also especially when you look at this film. Though the right intentions are definitely there, this just isn't a good enough genre movie.

The movie is obviously trying to be a light entertaining espionage movie, perhaps even a genre spoof- and cold war spoof at times. The movie as a whole just isn't light enough in its settings and events to consider this really an entertaining movie, that doesn't successfully parodies or even entertains enough. The movie works in parts as a comedy and entertainment, especially in the beginning but its many more weaker moments really downgrade the movie and in parts even makes it a totally unwatchable and bad one.

The movie has a main plot line but it almost seemed as if they simply shot the movie as it was on the call-sheets, without paying much attention to development. Because of that the movie also becomes mostly uninteresting to watch and the events in the movie almost impossible to follow or care for.

The movie its main problem is really how poorly developed it is. Also with its seemingly important characters in the movie, that come and go and never get properly introduced or developed.

The movie has further more a great cast, filled with mostly some of the best British actors from its period. It are the sort of actors you perhaps not know by name but definitely by face. Of course David Niven is well known and he carries the movie well with his role and he also proofs how well he can handle the comedy genre but no matter how great he is, he feels out of place nevertheless, mostly due to his age. He just doesn't seem believable enough as a spy who gets the girls and charms his way through things.

The movie is shot at some nice far off locations but still the movie feels very low-budget. This is also due to some incredibly lame and fake looking miniature effects. Pay especially attention toward the ending when a character is jumping from a riding plane.

Not a complete train-wreck but not exactly a movie worth searching out either.


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