(Review originally written at 8 April 2007)

This is a fairly dull typical '70's movie that tries to be more than it really is.

Problem is that there isn't much interesting ever happening in this movie, with also an unnecessary and also far from believable love triangle story in it. Hard to imaging that George C. Scott and Trish Van Devere actually got married one year later, after this movie. The movie movie clearly lacks a good main plot line and gets mostly carried purely by George C. Scott's performance.

In this movie George C. Scott once more shows his talent, by giving away one fine performance. But no matter how good he is in his role, he still feels miscast. Even though Scott was 'only' 44 at the time, he already looked far too old for his role, to consider him really believable. George C. Scott just wasn't an actor who aged really well. When he was 40 he already looked like he was 60 years old. The rest of the cast consists out of insignificant actors, who show why they never broke through as actors.

At times the movie still is a typical '70's movie, with a good atmosphere and way of storytelling. Yet the movie doesn't always feel coherent, since its good at some times and completely dull and uninteresting to follow at others. It perhaps has to do with the fact that famed director John Huston walked from the movie after having heated arguments with George C. Scott over some script changes.

Only a typical '70's car chase is good enough to grab your attention for a short while but the movie swiftly becomes less exciting and more dull after that again. The movie really could had used some more action and at least more speed at times.

The movie tries hard to be in the same style as some old classic '40's but neither the script nor characters allow this movie to ever get close. The movie should had sticked more to its own style and time period.

Really only worth watching because of George C. Scott.


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