(Review originally written at 2 July 2008)

To be honest, the movie began as a typical- and not so great, teenage comedy flick, in which a couple of youngsters are going on a spring break holiday. "Where the Boys Are" however handles delicate themes delicately and the movie is way more than just another teenage comedy.

Actually quite amazing considering that this movie got made in 1960. The movie and its theme seems far ahead of its time. It makes the movie all the more relevant for the time period it got released in and all the more interesting now days to watch. This movie is basically a good observation of how teenagers handled sexual themes in 1960, without ever getting raunchy or not honest. It's a straightforward flick with its theme but its style ensures that this movie at all times mostly remains an entertaining and light one to watch. The movie also really doesn't feel like it was made in 1960.

It's an all the more interesting movie since it tells the story from the viewpoint of the female characters, which works refreshing for a change.

The movie knows to create a perfect balance between its more serious moments and its entertainment value. With movies like this the drama would often feel forced and out of place since the entire movie is done in a comical style of film-making. The creators of this movie however managed to find the right balance, without ever crossing any lines.

Above all things it's still a very entertaining movie to watch. It's still mostly a comedy that provides some good entertainment and has some likable characters in it.

The characters are also really a reason why the movie works out. Lot of the characters are very stereotypical but luckily the actors don't go over-the-top with their roles, which ensures that we can also really start to like- and feel for some of the characters.

The acting was way better than expected. Paula Prentiss really impressed me, also with her beauty and the movie further more features George Hamilton and Frank Gorshin in some early roles. Gorshin is still perhaps best known for his portrayal of the Riddler in the early "Batman" series.

A surprising and fresh movie that deserves to be seen by more.


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