(Review originally written at 31 March 2007)

The movie doesn't have the most interesting or well paced stories about rivaling tribes and a story in which all the persons with brown hair are seen as the superiors and the only purpose for persons with blonde hair is to be sacrificed to the sun. Also funny thing is that all the brunettes in this movie look like they have blond hair in real life and vice versa. Oh and there are also dinosaurs walking around somewhere in it.

The whole movie seems quite ridicules due to its poorly developed story. It doesn't ever make the movie interesting or even entertaining enough to watch, also due to its poor pace.

The movie is entirely spoken in a made up caveman language. It doesn't always make the movie easy to follow and their entire vocabulary seems to consist out of only 5 words (though apparently it are 27-words), so the same words are spoken over and over again, which becomes a bit irritating after a short while.

The dinosaurs provide the movie with its much needed action-sequences but otherwise they serve no purpose at all for the story. It's the reason why this movie is basically only watchable for the dinosaur-lovers. Occensionaly they pop out of nowhere and give some of the cavemen- and women a hard time. The sequences are well made however and the movie features some good stop-motion effects (Oscar nomination), although of course by todays standards it's all terribly fake looking. I also love how they always made the herbivores seem like the big and dangerous monsters of the prehistorical time.

Other than that the movie is quite poor looking, with dull settings and sets and ridicules costumes. Men and women are all running around halve naked, with a perfect skin and teeth.

Also the characters aren't much interesting. All the good characters in the movie are basically good and all of the bad characters are extremely evil. It makes the movie a very simplistic one that offers very little real originality, creativity or other interesting elements.


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