(Review originally written at 3 April 2009)

This movie is just totally crazy and over-the-top. Besides the fact that it features a totally implausible concept it also features lots of over-the-top action sequences, that will take you back to the days that the action from the Matrix-movies was still something new and impressive. Even though it's not original anymore it still works out surprising effective as well as refreshing in this movie.

You should give credit for this to director Timur Bekmambetov. To be honest, I didn't though he would be ready to do a big Hollywood production yet, or better said; I didn't think Hollywood would be ready for it. He has a very distinctive fast directing style, that besides can also really be described as weird and different. It makes this action in this movie work out as original as well as truly dazzling. It's mostly its action and the handling of it that makes this one of the better and more pleasant action movies of recent years.

It's a movie that luckily doesn't take itself too serious but not by making itself totally ridicules. The movie has plenty of humor and comical character in it to consider this a fun and pleasant one to watch. It's concept may really not let this movie sound like a good or likable action-flick but you should simply give this movie a chance and you will most probably end up liking it. It's an unexpectedly and also unlikely good movie.

The movie also features a good musical score from Danny Elfman, who finally delivers a really great and memorable score again for a movie. It had been a while that he composed anything memorable or distinctive from his other work.

Lots of big stars were signed up to give this movie a boost but yet the main role is being played by the humble Scotish James McAvoy, who plays a perfect likable, and probably for lots of persons also really recognizable, loser who needs to become an hero and learn to assassinate people with his unique talents. Angelina Jolie also never looked more foxy before in any other movie role. She is one tough chick in this movie, without ever loosing any of her beauty as well. The presence of actors such as Morgan Freeman, Terence Stamp and Thomas Kretschmann also help to uplift the movie.

No matter how ridicules its story perhaps is, it still remains a good written, that features a couple of twists in it as well. It's the combination of story, directing and action that the movie works out as a credible and effective one but foremost you should simply enjoy this movie for what it is; a simple entertaining action-flick with some wonderful and original action moments in it.


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