(Review originally written at 3 April 2009)

The western now days is a pretty dead genre. Only a couple of times every now and then a wonderful genre movie gets suddenly released again, of which "3:10 to Yuma" is the most recent example.

The movie isn't really a classic western, in terms of that it uses all of the clich├ęs and techniques you would expect from the genre. It above all is a modern movie, that also takes an original approach to the genre. It of course features lots of tough looking and talking man but in the end the movie is all about trying to be a better man, no matter how black your heart seems.

Yes, it's a movie that is being driven by its story and characters but it's also a movie that has plenty of action in it. It still makes this an action movie but one with some more heart and soul to it. You can of course expect a little bit more from a movie starring both Russell Crowe and Christian Bale opposite each other.

The movie is of course being almost completely carried by its two principal actors but luckily the movie doesn't forget that it also has other great actors playing some nice roles in this movie, such as Peter Fonda and Ben Foster. The movie gives its actors plenty of opportunity to shine throughout.

It's perhaps a bit of a long movie and it perhaps isn't always interesting enough but it builds up nicely to its ending, that is more than another big action sequences or shoot out but also shows how the characters have changed and most importantly grown throughout the entire movie.

It's a visually impressive looking movie, with nice scenery and settings. The movie has a visual and technical modern approach to it but it still feels like an old fashioned genre movie, mostly due to its pace and settings. You don't have to be into westerns to like this movie and you don't have to be afraid when you are into westerns that this movie might not be faithful enough to its genre.

A movie well worth seeing.


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