(Review originally written at 23 February 2011)

This movie does everything right a good slasher should do, so it deserves more credit and a way higher IMDb rating.

I really don't understand why this movie isn't being rated any better, since it's being a very typical slasher that does everything it should do and it does it right. Saying that this movie is bad is like saying that 90% of all slasher movies are being bad ones. No, the movie is not being terribly original and no, it doesn't has a very credible story but it surely delivers as a slasher flick.

I can actually say that I liked this movie better than just the average genre attempt. I think it is because the movie has a very pleasant pace to it, that always keeps things going. Quite a lot of slasher/horror stuff is happening in this movie, which alone already makes this movie a great watch for the lovers of that genre. It 'borrows' from other genre movies but it does it simply effectively, so this doesn't become ever a complaint really. There are lots of great genre moments in this movie, involving of course some false scares, a great horror build up and environment, a psychopathic killer and some nice killings as well. Seriously, why shouldn't you like and enjoy this movie, especially when you are into the genre.

Part of the reason why the movie really works out as an effective one is because of the fact that it's almost entirely being set inside an hospital, which is always a great and creepy environment for a movie of this sort.

You could say that the movie its story is lacking at times and the killer's motivations are a bit unlikely perhaps, as are some of the other character's reactions to certain things but when watching a movie like this you always already have to take certain things like this for granted. The story does also still deserve lots of credit as well, since it manages to keep the movie throughout intriguing and even tense to watch. The movie is being formulaic but that in this case doesn't mean that the movie is also being predictable as well.

It also helps that it has Michael Ironside as the psychotic killer. No, this is not a spoiler, since it's never being made a mystery out of who the killer is. He really was a great choice for this because he simply has the right looks and screen presence. It was an early movie role by him, before he really broke through in Hollywood. Also funny that other Canadian actor William Shatner is in this. Funny because his role actually adds very little to the movie and doesn't make much of an impression. Seems that he is only being put in this movie to put his name on the posters and to get in some more crowd with it.

A really good slasher flick that deserves some more love and to be seen by more. Especially by those that are into slashers.


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