(Review originally written at 24 February 2011)

This movie is for some part being a good and enjoyable senseless movie, that really isn't half as bad as you beforehand would expect but it takes some seriously wrong turns toward the end.

I was really liking this movie went it was being simply a killer animals against humans movie. But the movie must have thought that this wasn't being anything good enough, so they actually decided to throw in a plot, involving the ants getting extraordinarily smart and try to communicate and negotiate with humans to get what they want. As ridicules as the movie already was at its beginning, it at least was still something I could accept. I simply took the movie as some mindless fun but the movie was simply pushing its luck and really going too far with its ridiculousness and story. And it's not like this movie is being a comedy, even though it might sound that way, the way I'm describing things. The movie is really being death serious, which only makes things all the more ridicules.

It also certainly doesn't help that the movie is featuring some extremely bad spacial effects. All the more ridicules and bad is the way its getting used. Seriously, this movie really didn't needed much special effects but at times they really try desperately to impress you with it all which, needless to say, just never is the case. Especially the ending was ridiculously bad, when the gloves really seemed to come off.

It's also a movie that runs out of steam half way through. It's hard to keep your interest in this movie. Luckily the movie isn't being anything too long to watch.

I was willing to let lots of this movie its ridiculousness slip, until things were simply getting too crazy and unconvincing. Still I have to say that as far as these low budget killer animal movies go; there are far worse ones to watch out there.


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