(Review originally written at 3 November 2009)

Well, as far as the genre goes, this really isn't the worst one to watch out there but it of course is still being a ridicules and very amateur like made movie with some soft-core lesbian porn moments in it.

These movies are often made as an excuse to deliver a movie with a couple of sex sequences in it, with some story hanging around it, trying to make it all seem connected. It rarely ever does work out though and the sex sequences in this movie also seem to be come very random. It has nothing to do really with the movie and the story that it is telling.

Not that there is much story to tell though. In this movie Dracoola is being brought back to life again and it's up to Wally Van Helsing again to put her back into her grave. The same cast and crew made "Vampire Seduction" before, which also focused on the blood sucking lesbian count. The story is being told very poorly throughout the movie and the movie itself actually seems like it got shot by a couple of friends with a camcorder who decided to make a Dracula movie that they happened to made up as they went along with it. All of the sex sequences seem like they were put in later to please the fans of the genre. This is always so annoying, since it completely takes out the pace of the movie and distracts from the story that it is trying to tell. The sequences are overlong and they just show absolutely nothing but that is of course what soft-core porn is all about. Lovers of the genre shall probably not complain.

The movie is still being fun to watch though if you're kind of into the genre. The movie definitely has its camp value and of course the film-makers made no attempt to ever made this movie look like a serious or even just great one.

Still bad and silly but hardly the worst that the genre has to offer.


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