(Review originally written at 3 November 2009)

I have to admit that I enjoyed watching all of the other previous Scary Movies, even though they were all being mostly very lame movies to watch. This movie is however not as good to enjoy, mainly because the comedy of the movie just wasn't very funny.

I didn't laughed much during this movie, though that of course is always a much needed fundamental aspect for a comedy. The movie isn't very funny as a spoof to watch, also because the movies that it's spoofing in this one weren't very good movies themselves in the first place. The comedy was just bad and it didn't got handled and build up very well at all. Strange that this movie comedy-wise is so much different from the other David Zucker directed entry "Scary Movie 3". It was like he was having a complete off day with this movie, for the entire production time they were shooting.

The movie feels like it got made on the automatic pilot, without using much creativity. It picks the simple way of comedy spoofing by spoofing the obvious, without ever surprising the audience with a good clever, or even thought out well enough joke. Because of this the story and movie itself also often come across as a very messy one. It's just spoofing to spoof, not to ever be creative or fun enough of its own.

It also seems that they are going the wrong way with the series by putting in so many cameos from well known people. The first movies didn't do this at all but ever since David Zucker's involvement more and more well known actors show up to make an appearance in this movie. In the beginning with Shaquille O'Neal and Phil McGraw it's all still fun but it just gets annoying after a while when another well known face shows up to make a not so impressive appearance. There are just in it for the cameo, not really for playing a fun or significant role in the movie.

The series is definitely declining with this fourth entry.


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