(Review originally written at 28 October 2007)

This is a rather odd, surreal movie, that is told like a dream-like sequence. It's an amazingly imaginative movie. It's a very graphic movie that features bugs, carcasses, severed limbs, sexuality and whatever more. Some returning elements also in later Luis Buñuel movies.

No, it of course doesn't always makes sense, but what dream has ever fully made sense to you? Of course a lot of elements in the movie are supposed to be symbolic and have a deeper meaning. I guess the more you'll watch this movie, the more you'll understand its purpose and the thing the creators tried to tell with it. Because you're not always sure what you're watching the movie has an eerie and unpleasant atmosphere, which is the reason why it's really comparable, as is it's graphic style, to the dangerous videotape from "The Ring" and the original "Ringu" of course.

I really liked the editing of the movie, that gave the movie lots of pace and helped to tell the story of the movie, with the help of some well placed and effective cuts. The camera-work is innovative and uses some great compositions, that were still quite unusual and new for its time.

Seeing this movie is a weird and unusual experience, but it's really one worth undertaking. Even if you don't get the movie its meaning it's worth it, thanks to amazing creativity and its visual quality.


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