(Review originally written at 26 October 2007)

This movie was a nice little surprise. It has a decent reputation but not the kind of reputation that made me wanted to watch this movie right away.

It's a really solidly written genre story by David Koepp himself, based on the Stephen King novel. David Koepp of course always has been a more than capable writer but with this movie he also shows once more that he can direct.

It's has a dark suitable atmosphere, despite not being ever really a scary movie, at least not a way you would expect from a movie based on a Stephen King novel. It has a good mysterious story though and features some good genre elements. The concept of the entire movie is pretty strong, despite perhaps not being too original on its own in the core. The movie its twists are all well written but they just aren't all too surprisingly. Still the movie has a totally original and fresh feeling all over it, due to the directorial approach and the fine acting performance from lead actor Johnny Depp. It also provides the movie with some relieving fun and humor elements. No, it doesn't make this movie the finest example in its genre but luckily the movie has more than enough other qualities.

Johnny Depp normally he is only at his best in Tim Burton movies but this movie he's in good old top form as well. It was also fun to see John Turturro in a totally different role for a change.

Yes it's different and differently constructed than most other genre movies and therefor I feel that this movie is perhaps a bit misunderstood and underrated.

I really don't mind seeing David Koepp directing more movies, besides writing. He makes some good mainstream genre movies, that are yet somehow also original and refreshing in its very own way, despite having all of the formulaic ingredients always in it as well.


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