(Review originally written at 10 February 2010)

With a movie of this type you just already know in advance that it's going to have a twist at the end, in which the killer gets revealed. It makes you constantly alert and take everything that happens in this movie not simply just for granted. Not everything is what it seems and you can't really thrust any of the characters. It all should work well for the movie its mystery and tension but not in this case really. Problem is that the movie is just very formulaic and the 'big twist' itself also hardly does come as a surprise. As a matter of fact, it's fairly much predictable all.

Of course it's no horrible movie, I mean it has simply a good cast and got made by some experienced people involved. Still pretty much all of this talent gets wasted. It are hardly the most interesting roles by these actors and also director Philip Kaufman has done some far better stuff in the past.

As far as the genre goes, this movie is simply not good enough. Hardly any surprises, no thrills and a run by the mill story ensure that you'll start to loose interest in it before the movie even hits the halve-way mark.


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