(Review originally written at 10 February 2010)

The Children of the Corn-series is by no means a great series but still I never quite understood the extremely low ratings all of the movie received here on IMDb. Surely there are far worse genre series and movies to watch out there, though I also must say that this movie is the least one of the series that I've seen so far.

Basically the movie adds too little to the long running series. There are no real surprises, when you've seen one or more movies out of the series already. With its story the movie also makes very little attempt to impress. It tries to be more different with its approach and characters this time.

Horror movies always have been very popular with teenagers. It's also the reason why there are lots of movies out there that feature teenage characters in the lead roles. Those movies however are also rarely among the best that the genre has to offer. This Children of the Corn entry also felt to need to step in on this horror movie making trend, by throwing in a couple of high school student characters into the Children of the Corn franchise. It's all pretty pointless, since it adds so little new or interesting to the franchise and as a matter of fact only brings the movie down even more.

Horror-wise this movie is also obviously lacking. There are only some decent looking effects and gore that can be seen as a redeeming quality. However not quite enough to safe the movie its horror really. Not that any of the Children of the Corn movies have even been really scary or effective with its horror or concept, with the exception of "Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice".

It's always fun to see how these now famous actors pop up in this horror-movies early in their careers. Guess they don't often want to be remembered at it, as would be the case with Eva Mendes with this movie. Here whole character and her subplot just isn't really powerful or interesting enough to work out. Still I wished she was more in the movie because I definitely preferred her above Stacy Galina but this was probably always because of her looks of course. Also Kane Hodder and David Carradine show up in some small roles and also they feel pretty pointless but this is probably also due to the overall story, which just seemed pretty pointless in general.

All in all, another really pointless sequel within the Children of the Corn franchise, that really seemed to run out of good ideas pretty early on in the series already. So do these movies really make that much money to justify all those sequels that got released to it?


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