(Review originally written at 3 February 2010)

This movie does only partly lives up to its reputation. It's certainly a quite brutal movie with also some real explicit nudity and sex in it but at the same time the movie isn't really an uplifting or entertaining enough one.

Bo Arne Vibenius' previous movie was a financial failure and to cover up for the losses he thought he should make the biggest commercial exploitation flick ever. Sex, lesbians, violence, it is all here in this movie, as well as a main premise in which a young woman violently takes revenge upon those who did her wrong and exploited her. Yet still as an exploitation flick the movie falls sort of short. It's because the storytelling just is a bit off at times and the movie has lots of slow moments in it, especially during its first halve. It really doesn't make the movie as fun to watch as its premise make it sound.

Still it's a movie that constantly tries to shock, with either its very explicit sex or its violent plot. I still love the movie for this, also since it all got done in a quite unique style. This movie is a Swedish one so of course you are going to get something different from an Hollywood exploitation flick.

It overall is still a good movie in parts but yet not as great or even as entertaining as it all could had turned out to.


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