(Review originally written at 4 February 2010)

I just don't understand. Why even turn such a bad script into a movie. Well, bad is perhaps not the best word for it but it's just so incredibly standard and there is nothing, spectacular, shocking or memorable ever happening in this movie.

None of the Children of the Corn movies are exactly known as brilliants ones and it's not that hard to see why. The movies have a pretty simple concept, that builds and rely on its children characters. Children are however not within the best age group, acting-wise and on top of that, they just aren't very convincing as being scary. It's also a pretty tiresome concept. There is very little to exploit with but yet they managed to make 7 movies so far, focusing on the corn worshiping children, who want to see all adults death.

The Eli Porter is just very annoying instead of scary really. What a little brat, even though the actor that played him was already 14 at the time. His acting and just the character in general annoyed me. But can you blame the actor for this really? It was after all the story that gave him too much to do.

And is this movie even an horror? It isn't until the end that monsters and other supernatural elements start to kick in. For the other most part the movie just consists out of flashbacks with footage from the previous movie of it in it as well. My 'favorite' thing about this movie its horror are its sound effects. There is a scene in the beginning in which they are just driving around in a car but you constantly hear this horror sound effects, like whispering and such, put under it that makes the sequence seem as if they are in a scary place or right in the middle of a nightmare, though absolutely nothing is happening.

And no, overall there is far too little interesting happening in the movie. It was also a pretty odd choice to set this movie in an urban town instead of in the secluded, rural fictional town of Gatlin. I'm still waiting for the "Children of the Corn: In Space" movie. It will probably add just as much to the series as this movie did.

The foremost reason why this movie is not a very good one is not because its a bad movie but because its such a standard one, without really any good or interesting ideas of its own.


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