(Review originally written at 27 September 2007)

This movie is another fine example of typical '70's movie making. The movie is however far from a '70's classic. The story is too poor for that and the movie overall lacks some action.

It's not that the pace of the movie is kept low. The movie is fast enough and its well directed and constructed. It however is a rare '70's lack-lusting genre movie, in which you're just waiting for a chase of gunfight to happen, that just never comes. It's of course not that I feel that every single movie needs to have some action in it but some action wouldn't had been out of place in this one. It's fitting and sort of needed for a typical '70's genre thriller movie such as this one.

The story is actually a pretty odd one once you really start thinking about it. It's rather simplistic, which also makes it far from credible and perhaps even makes it a bit laughable.

Yet the movie is perfectly watchable. Everything about it is very professional and its a well crafted movie. It isn't Sydney Pollack's best work but he knows how to deal with the genre. The movie has a perfect sense of realism, despite its weaker unbelievable story. Also nothing wrong with the cinematography from '70's big-man Owen Roizman. Also refreshing to see a '70's genre movie for a chance that isn't stuck in one place or city.

Robert Redford plays the main role of the movie well and he truly carries the movie. Also Max von Sydow plays a good and interesting role.

Really no must-see but it's a well made movie that's worth seeing.


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