(Review originally written at 27 September 2007)

...Wait until you see this movie. At least the Rutger Hauer version of this movie called "Bleeders", from 1997, was still at parts entertaining and watchable.

This is a really poorly made movie. You just know that everyone involved with this movie is never going to make it in the world of movies. This includes both main cast and crew. It features some extremely bad dubbing and sound effects. Especially listen in the beginning of the movie when the woman hits the 'monster' with a gun. It sounds like a cartoon! This unfortunately is not the only example. Also the editing is really off and the movie uses too often silly slow-motion sequences, that are just nothing more than laughable. This obviously was a cheap movie to make. The monsters are not too bad looking and it deserved to be in a better movie.

The story is extremely bad and simple written, as if they put no real effort into it. It's very silly and just never seems to get of the ground. The movie also never becomes tense or scary to watch, although its fairly good with its gore.

Also the actors didn't made the movie any better. It's not just their fault, since their characters are also extremely flat and boring in the story. Still it has Jefffrey Combs and Vincent Schiavelli in it, so there are some redeeming qualities.

I see no point into why anyone should ever watch this movie.


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