(Review originally written at 18 December 2010)

This is definitely one unusual and fine directed movie but it's not quite interesting enough to hold my interest throughout.

I absolutely loved the movie for its first part but the movie sort of start to loose it more toward its end. It's already a strange movie for most part but toward the ending things start to make even less sense and you basically start to have no idea anymore what is happening on the screen. You could say that the movie is too long, even though its barely over an hour short. Things in this movie could and should had been wrapped up sooner and perhaps would had been a better watch if it was going somewhere different with its story toward the end.

But for most part "Tetsuo" is simply being a visual experience. Just like the original short it got based on, by the same director, the movie focuses on its images and is all about its overall visual orientated directing approach, that makes the movie one weird and intense trip. It's really an artistic movie, that once more shows that movies don't necessarily need to have a real story or point in it to make an intriguing watch.

Good and interesting, for most part, if you like 'different' and more artistic cinema.


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