(Review originally written at 17 December 2010)

Let me start of by saying that I can definitely appreciate a good and honest Indian drama but that I'm not really into the more typical Bollywood kind of melodrama's, such as this movie is obviously being. In my opinion you just can't have a real good and powerful drama when your movie is so colorful looking and features happy songs and dancing. I can still definitely watch this movie and also still appreciate it for most part but I just can't really see how this movie can be regarded as an emotionally strong one and one of the greatest- and best known Indian movies.

It's an heavy handed movie, that is being quite long with its running time of nearly 3 hours. It's hard to keep any kind of movie interesting to watch for 3 hours, so this is also something that the movie suffers from. I wouldn't necessarily call the movie slow or boring but its still being unnecessary long.

The story is still what keeps the movie going and in itself there is very little wrong with it, though it's just a bit too stretched out all. Some elements should had been either cut out or the movie perhaps would had worked out better if the entire story got divided amongst two or perhaps even three separate movies. It's all being quite melodramatic all and it's also quite cliché and predictable but it still keep things going at all time.

A thing that worked out distracting, next to its songs and dance routines, that all seemed and sounded alike, was the fact that some exterior shoots obviously got shot indoors. The movie is some fake looking studio work out times, with fake looking backgrounds and all of those sort of things.

And to be honest, the directing of this movie was absolutely dreadful at times. Sometimes certain scene's don't flow at all and the movie seems to take some awkward cuts and sudden leaps in time. The movie can get real amateur like looking to be honest at times, when it comes down to its directing.

No, it's not an horrible movie by any means but I still can't really seem to understand why it's being regarded so highly, not only just by Bollywood-fans but by all sorts of movie viewers, from all over the world, while its in fact being an heavily flawed movie.


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