(Review originally written at 8 October 2010)

Over the decades Hollywood has always continued to make movies that just send out bad and wrong messages, especially to young girls. in the early days it was; You won't be truly happy until you to get married as soon as possible, with the first guy that seems suitable enough and now days it's actually being quite the opposite and and to live life with sex, drugs and other stupid immature behavior and being popular should equal being happy. Seriously, that's the type of message that this movie sends out. Yeah I know, the movie probably attempted to tell the opposite thing but it failed miserable at that, due to it's incredibly stupid execution of it all.

It's really a very pointless movie to watch. The movie does an incredible bad job at telling its story. The story seems to be about nothing really because it just isn't going anywhere with it. Was the main character supposed to go trough a big transition or something because if that was the case, I surely missed it. Perhaps it's trying to be one of those movies that just advertise being a random slice of life, following the story of just an average young girl, doing average young girl things. But if this was the case it surely failed even more miserably, since the story is just being filled with some very unlikely events and annoyingly stereo-typical characters. The movie its story doesn't really explain anything and even worse, it isn't going anywhere at all with it.

The story of this movie seems to be about fitting in and just being the person that you are, without forcing yourself to be someone different, just to please your friends. I mean, I'm still guessing that this is what the story was all about, since this movie doesn't really send out this message at all. In the movie all of the characters do drugs and have sex, just for the sake of it and to impress and fit in with their so called friends. They even steal and cheat people, without thinking about the consequences or facing responsibilities for any of it. But the movie is not showing at all how you SHOULD live and deal with growing up and maturing. It doesn't set the right example for anything and it more or less just seems to tell the life-story of the movie its writer. No idea if this was truly the case but I'm willing to put some money on this.

It's annoying how this movie doesn't reach any conclusions and it's annoying how it doesn't explain anything or go more into detail with certain things. It's being an emotionally bland and distant movie to watch, since all of the characters and their action just seem far too stupid and unrealistic to relate with as well. And seriously what was with its ending? Is everything suddenly supposed to be OK after that point for the main character? It just didn't made any sense and it only sort of wrapped up one issue the main character was dealing with.

All of the characters are really stereotypes. There is a girl everybody seems to hate for no apparent reason, a very free-minded girl and the mother of the main character seems mad at her daughter all the time and doesn't seem to trust her and tries to deprive her of any kind of fun. These are just a couple of stereotypes out of the movie, that also don't make any sense, since the movie doesn't go any deeper into certain things and the movie doesn't flesh out its character properly enough. I can't really blame the actors, since I can't really say any one of them gave away a poor performances. The movie has actually some good young acting names attached to it but it makes you wonder if any of them had read the script for it in advance.

It's also not a bad looking movie. I mean, it was an incredibly cheap one to make and it was also being first (and still only) directing job, so the movie does certainly deserve still some credit for that. Perhaps one day, if Christina Wayne is being give a different script to work with, not writing by herself, she might be capable of delivering a pretty good movie actually.

It's a movie that gets more and more worse at it's progressing, since it isn't heading anywhere with its story and it doesn't ever reach any satisfying conclusions at all. It instead gets more and more stupid and its not being clear what the overall message and point of this movie is supposed to be.


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