(Review originally written at 6 October 2010)

It's a bit weird seeing a 1957 like this one. The movie is definitely a throwback to the happy, sappy and melodramatic romantic movies from the '30's and '40's. It even has some of its stars from those days in it; Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.

The movie itself is also a remake from a movie from that era; "Love Affair", from 1939, that got directed by the same director; Leo McCarey.

The style and just overall way of story-telling and film-making seemed very outdated, even at its time already. However if you judge this movie simply for what it is and as a part of its at the time already outdated genre, it's simply being a good and pleasant little movie to watch. Lovers of the genre certainly wouldn't mind watching this movie. Besides the usual melodramatic and romantic elements, the movie also has some elements of the screwball genre in it, which is also a throwback to, mostly, the '30's.

It's simply being a pleasant movie to watch but I most certainly wouldn't call it one of the best movies within its genre. It's definitely not a movie that is without its flaws.

It's definitely arguable that both leads of the movie were being a bit too old for their roles. This is especially the case for Cary Grant, who was already in his 50's at the time. It's not like a good romantic movie can't feature older actors and characters in it but this particular movie has simply more a story in it that is suitable for younger actors for its main leads. The overall story would had worked out better and more credible if it was about two young people, who were new to real love and still had a long bright future ahead of them. The characters in this movie already seemed to have a long past behind them instead, which simply did not worked out too well for its story.

It's one of those movies in which two people meet each other and immediately know that they are made for each other and want to get married almost right away. This is also the type of approach that was really common for movies that got made in the '30's and '40's but is of course something that is quite ridicules and far from believable. These are two people who already have different commitments, responsibilities and reputations but yet they throw this all overboard once they have set their eyes on each other. I actually hate it when a movie does this and it often sends out a wrong message as well. It also certainly doesn't make the whole story a very convincing or much involving one. It's also often being far too sappy and melodramatic for that.

But it still remains a well made movie, that is also being pleasant to watch throughout. There is therefore also no reason to sound unnecessarily harsh about it, since I actually quite enjoyed it for what it was.


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