(Review originally written at 17 February 2008)

While watching this movie I kept waiting for things to finally start of. It takes way to long for the movie to build up things. The movie is basically one big mysterious one, in which some odd things happen and when things finally get explained at the end, the movie still leaves more than a couple of unanswered questions and quite frankly, some things just don't make sense.

The movie could had become an interesting one, regarding religion and a scientific open approach about it but the movie doesn't really offer any material to think or debate about. It's as if the movie can't decide what angle to pick. Does it want to create a religious movie? Or does it want to create a deep going philosophical one, featuring arguments and hard facts. The end result now is something messy. It features realism as well as overblown movie moments, which doesn't really makes this a well balanced one. This movie basically is a poor man's "The Da Vinci Code". It makes this a very pointless movie to watch.

Not much wrong with its style though. The movie is visually good looking, which still makes the movie somewhat pleasant to watch.

It's mostly the story that makes this a silly one to watch. Once you start thinking about it, a lot of things in the movie just don't make sense. Why are some of these things occurring? And why are they happening in the way they are? The movie doesn't go to a lot of trouble to try and explain any of it. On top of that, the movie is also mostly predictable, in the way it progresses and it also isn't afraid to 'borrow' from other films.

The movie still has a pretty good cast with Patricia Arquette, Gabriel Byrne and Jonathan Pryce. So nothing wrong with the casting in this one. Everyon fits their roles well and especially Gabriel Byrne was good.

Had potential but it gets ruined by its silly story.


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