(Review originally written at 16 February 2008)

Now this is actually a movie that lives up to its reputation. It's a greatly fun musical comedy, with a good story, fun characters and great musical moments. It features some true classic musical songs.

It's next to a musical also really a comedy. Not the usual slapstick '30's style of comedy but the more sort of 'fun' comedy, with good comical dialog and character's chemistry. And then considering that the movie is set in- and involves a story around the great depression of the '30's. What makes the fun level of the movie work out so well are the girls. They are really the main characters of the movie and all have some good chemistry together and all an own great strong and entertaining personality.

The acting is quite good, especially considering 1933 standards and despite not having any real big names in it.

It's a really well made movie, with lots of pace and class. It makes the movie effective on many levels. It's very effective on the musical level due to its fine musical numbers and grand looking choreography of it all. It's also very effective on its comical level and also with its story it is trying to tell, as well as all of its romantic aspects involved. It also makes this an effective movie about the great '30's depression. The movie is basically a great combination of all of these effective elements and there is a great balance between all of it. So there is basically something for everyone to enjoy.

Delightful, entertaining, sparkling musical comedy!


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