(Review originally written at 27 January 2009)

This movie can be divided in different parts. It's first halve Dr. Abbot's 'brilliant' research, while its second halve is more about Dean and its action and science-fiction elements. Not that either halve of the movie impresses much though. Besides, the fact that the two halves of the movie differ so much from each other and don't quite connect well enough, don't make the movie any better.

It's the second sequel in the Species-series and even though they have learned from their mistakes from the previous Species sequel, it still isn't a better movie. The alien is a female again and the movie features less of Natasha Henstridge, who added very little to the previous sequel. On the other hand it's lacking the characters and certainly the fine actors of the previous 2 Species movies.

The acting is really one of the biggest problems of this movie. It's simply below par and besides most actors seem to be miscast in their roles. Sunny Mabrey is a boring alien, who certainly isn't being seductive enough, even though that's basically the only point of her entire character.

Its story is also quite poor. It's a quite ridicules one that makes less and less sense, the more you start to think about it. I mean why would a doctor/school teacher put himself in so much danger by abducting an alien from the military, just so he can do his own private research on her, in order to be able to breed a new super-race that's immune of all deceases. He also drags in one of his students. Sounds like a real wacko but his character is yet a serious one. And we are supposed to care for this character? All other characters are not much better or more interesting really.

The movie as a whole is not just that interesting to watch, since it's very little special, that adds nothing new to the genre or the Species movie-series. There even is a part four. Really makes you wonder why though.

The movie is not bad looking and it doesn't feature some good effects and stuff like that but it's nothing that we haven't already seen before in any of the other previous Species movies. It makes the movie in that regard also not very special to watch.

Just skip it.


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