(Review originally written at 30 January 2009)

To all people who aren't really into the genre, this movie will probably seem like a pointless and far from interesting one to watch. To those who are into Italian gore this movie will be simple a pleasure to watch, even though it's not a brilliant movie in any way.

It's a pretty simple movie with a simple plot, that serves as a vehicle to provide the movie with shocking and gory moments. It's however done in a good and effective way, so it will please those who are familiar with the genre. No wonder, since it had genre expert Joe D'Amato at the helm. He knows to build up its moments effectively and how to bring gore shocking and yet artistically to the screen.

It has all the ingredients you can expect from a genre movie like this one. Blood, gore, nudity and a bunch of nut-jobs. The movie has some good psychotic character, who aren't being portrayed as over-the-top psychotic serial killers, who have some odd fetishes but more 'realisticly' Let's say more like Norman Bates-style, so to speak. This helps to build up the movie its atmosphere, which makes this a psychological thriller as well. This element of the movie gets better and better as the story progresses, when it starts to lay less of its emphasis on its gore and more on the psychological aspects.

Real recommendable for the fans of the genre!


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