(Review originally written at 29 October 2010)

Really not much to say about this movie, other than that's a pretty standard Giallo-flick that doesn't do an awful lot wrong but also doesn't do anything too exciting or original with its concept either.

Oh yes, this is a typical Giallo alright. All of the usual ingredients are present in this, so this movie still remains a pretty good watch for the fans of the genre. However even in that regard, the movie just isn't the most exciting one, due to its lacking pace. The movie can get slow at certain points but it also doesn't help much that the movie at no point ever gets exciting or original. Even the killings are being somewhat of a disappointment to watch, especially also if you are a gore-lover.

Of course it hasn't got the most tight story but this is pretty normal for a genre movie like this one. It does basically everything for its tension and mystery and doesn't care too much if this all in the end also will still makes sense for the rest of the movie. It's a movie that gets sidetracked quite often, which is also part of the reason why the movie gets a bit slow at times. The surprises that are in it are quite enjoyable and at least it's not a movie in which you can see from miles away who the killer at the end will turn out to be.

It isn't an exceptionally well made movie but at least it also isn't an horrible one. It simply serves its purpose well enough and is therefore still a perfectly watchable movie within its genre.


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