(Review originally written at 4 January 2008)

It uses all of the stereotypes and formulaic genre elements. It's really a slasher movie by the book. It therefor also isn't anything too special or surprising but it honestly could had all been a lot worse.

A power drill is a great weapon of choice. Having a power drill killer is great choice for a genre movie such as this one is. It's noisy, big, heavy and not really handy to use. In others words it's like one of the most unlikely items to use for a serial killer but for some reason this also works well in a genre movie. The bigger and the more unlikely, the better and scarier. Also just think about Leatherface and his chainsaw in the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-movies. Too bad that the killer himself is in this movie quite boring and normal looking.

The killer gets on one big and good killing-spree though. There's basically one person dying every 5 minutes. In that regard this movie won't disappoint the genre fans, although the movie is not too heavy on its gore, which might be a disappointing aspect for some.

Having some false scares in an horror movie is always a good thing but having too much of them obviously isn't, as this movie proofs. It also takes away a lot of the tension after a while. It doesn't make this the most scary or effective genre movie to watch.

The acting is of course obvious below average, which is consistent for these sort of movies. Same obviously goes for the story. It's the sort of movie in which you just know who is going to die next. Splitting up is never a good idea and having sex means you're going to die next. Like I said before, this movie follows all of the slasher 'rules' and doesn't really surprise. The story also just gets plain ridicules at times. None of them seems really scared, even though people are getting killed all around them and despite what's happening all. They even start to worry about food after a while, even though they are trapped in the house and there is a killer somewhere outside, killing them one by one.

Quite ridicules all and nothing to great of quality but it's entertaining enough all to watch, especially for the fans of the genre of course.


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