(Review originally written at 4 January 2008)

This is a perfectly fun and adventurous movie to watch, focusing on the adventures of Sinbad.

It's of course a movie that mostly distinct itself through its Ray Harryhausen stop-motion effects. The movie features a giant cyclops, giant killer birds, a dragon and a fighting skeleton. Basisicly every Harryhausen effect and type of monster used in this movie got later reused in the much better known "Jason and the Argonauts" from 1963.

Another thing that stands out in this movie is the musical score by Bernard Herrmann. It's a real fantastic and perfectly adventurous score, that is worth searching out.

It's an at times quite silly and certainly outdated movie to watch now days but that has of course by now become all part of its charm.

It of course isn't a movie with the best or most clever written and constructed scripts but it's a movie that relies purely on its adventurous aspects. It's also a fairly fast paced movie, that features plenty of (mostly Harryhausen-monster-) action. It because of that also becomes a fun and entertaining movie to watch.

Unfortunately the acting isn't much good in this. This is of course also due to it that the acting by todays standards feel very outdated but even with this in mind, the actors just weren't among the best of their time, with the exception maybe of Torin Thatcher who plays an enjoyable villain. Kerwin Mathews was a sort of a disappointing and boring main hero. He also wasn't the greatest actor, not even for genre movie standards and his career also ended by 1978, after appearing mostly in B-horror and science-fiction flicks in his later days, though he himself lived till 2007.

Some good old fashioned adventurous entertainment!


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